August 2020 Yugioh Trinity Cup

20 Entrants

1st Place: Spiderking

2nd Place: Anju

Top 4: Shameless & Ricape


Top Cut


1st Place Spiderking
Aroma / Rikka / Traptrix
August 2020 YTC 1st Place Spiderking.png
2nd Place Anju
Aroma / Rikka / Predaplant
August 2020 YTC 2nd Place Anju.png
Top 4 Shameless
Thunder Dragon / Dogmatika
August 2020 YTC Top 4 Shameless.png
What made you choose this deck for the tournament, and what were your tech choices?
     I leik unga bunga. That's it. I just wanted to turn my brain off this tourney. Dragma is auto pilot. Tdrag is auto pilot. Together they make cancer.
Would you make any changes to the deck?
     I've made many optimizations and all that.
How did your matchups throughout Swiss and Top 4 go?
     The curse persists. :'c

Do you have a favorite play of the tournament?

     (Pot of Greed into Lightning Storm and Lightning Vortex) /s

     Nah, no favorite plays. I did made impy completely switch decks by maining fossil fusion. That was hilarious.

Moving forward, what cards do you think should be banned or restricted, if any?

     Dragma are a problem. If only the Senate collaborated on a way to present a hotfix to the issue so that this format didn't centralize around a single archetype again. If only the Senate was so gracious to present is a solution to this problem in an eban of some sort.

Top 4 Ricape
August 2020 YTC Top 4 Ricape.png
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