Dragon Ruler

Skill Floor: Medium

Skill Ceiling: Medium-Hard


YDK File Downloads:

Deck Breakdown:

Strategy Article:

With the Summon Limit, Dragon Rulers are a strategy that can exist fairly in Trinity Format, functioning as a fun midrange deck with reasonably large threats that will keep coming back every turn if not banished, or otherwise kept out of the graveyard.



  • 60 Card Deck.

  • Doesn't put up strong disruption.

  • Often forced into suboptimal plays.

  • Has to go neg before it can go plus.

Points: 6

  • Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms: Extra Copy

  • Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls: Extra Copy

  • Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders: Extra Copy

  • Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos: Extra Copy

  • Chaos Dragon Levianeer: 1/2 Point at the time of posting, now 1 Point

  • Melody of Awakening Dragon: 1/2 Point

  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: 1/2 Point

  • Lost Wind: 1/2 Point

General Strategy:

Going first, this deck aims to put out either Heavenly Spheres, or the honorary Dragon Ruler, Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon. Both of these turn 1 plays give the deck setup so that they can break boards and beatdown on the following turns. Spheres allows you to disrupting your opponent before bringing out another Dragon, usually Omni Dragon Brotaur, in order to search DARK Dragons, while Chaos Ruler mills in order to give more fuel to your dragon rulers, and hopefully hit a DARK Dragon to add to hand on the way. Past that, this is a very freeform deck, and playstyles vary between pilots and games. The best tip I can give is to make this deck your own, and to experiment with different lines of play and tech decisions.

The Rokket Engine:

You may have noticed the deck is running a small package of Rokket cards. They serve primarily as an additional way to make our Level 8 Synchros, with the classic play of sending Absorouter Dragon to the graveyard to search Rokket Synchron.The Level 4 Rokkets serve a similar role, with Rokket Tracer and a card to destroy making any DARK Level 8 Synchro, or even a sneaky Borreload eXcharge Dragon. Additionally, the floating capability of the non-tuner Rokkets can be incredibly annoying in the right circumstances.

Possible Deck Modifications:

There are a lot of directions you can take Dragon Rulers, which in part made making this Starter Deck fairly difficult. Everybody has their own theory of how this deck should operate or what ratios are optimal. Notably, this list is very Trap-heavy compared to what is considered a "Standard" Dragon Ruler list; I suppose that is my personal touch, I can't stand decks that don't run good generic Traps, but the drawback of this is a loss of consistency; This is a deck that can be jammed with playable dragons to the point where it never bricks. Another thing of note is that the Chaos portion of this Deck may move on the banlist in the future, and I will note it in the Points section if this happens, in which case the base list will not be legal, or may even have points to spare.

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