Trinity Yugioh  on  Dueling Nexus
Deck Building
Building a Trinity Format deck on Dueling Nexus is no different than building a TCG Format deck. 
However, there is an optional download for a viewable Trinity Format banlist, to make deck building easier.
  1. Install either Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.
  2. Install the Custom Nexus GUI Extension.
  3. Install the Deck Editor Revamp Extension.
  4. Install the Trinity Deck Editor Extension.

With all of this downloaded, you can now view the Trinity Banlist on the Deck Editor.
On the Duel Zone screen, click Show the Custom Games, then Host a Custom Game.
After that, click on Add custom settings, and then Invalid decks allowed (!).
When dueling on Dueling Nexus, the Summon Limit is not enforced. Since it is a manual simulator, you'll need to remember to adhere to the Summon Limit. 
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