Trinity YGO BanList
For every extra 5 cards in your Maindeck, you get 1 Point. 
You can spend points to include cards on this list in your Deck.
Your deck can also include 1 extra copy of 1 Unlimited card for 1 point.
Eg: a 35-card deck can have 1 One-Point card, or 2 Half-Point cards, or 1 extra copy of 1 Unlimited card.
Otherwise, you can't use these.  You can also never have more than 1 of any card listed here.
Decks can never include any Forbidden Cards.

FORBIDDEN (Metagame Balance)

These cards broke the metagame.


FORBIDDEN (Against Format Philosophy)

Most of these are Floodgates, powerful burn cards, or have very strong protection effects.

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