Skill Floor: Low  

Skill Ceiling: Medium


Deck Breakdown:

Strategy Guide:

Do you like big sticks? Fusion Summoning? Sometimes just outright OTKing your opponent? Trinity Starter Deck: HERO Might be the deck for you.



  • Can Summon many beatsticks.

  • Access to a small Rank 4 engine.

  • Never really runs out of gas.

  • Very consistent.



  • Lacking in removal options other than Battle.

  • Running Vanillas just for Xtra HERO Infernal Devicer.

  • Can be reliant on it's Normal Summon

Points: 4
Miracle Fusion: Extra Copy
Reinforcement of the Army: Extra Copy

Pot of Greed: 1 Point
Change of Heart: 1/2 Point

Monster Reborn: 1/2 Point


General Strategy:
HERO functions in Trinity primarily as a beatdown deck, that is to say, your primary goal is simply to make more big sticks than your opponent can deal with, using the decks ability to recur Fusion Material through cards like Elemental HERO Stratos, and Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, as well as its ability to cheat Fusion Material with it's Archetypal Fusion spells.

The Infernoble Knight Engine:
You might have noticed that the list is running some Infernoble Knight cards, which makes no sense on first glance since this is a HERO deck. Allow me to explain. Infernoble Arms - Durendal acts as a searcher for Elemental HERO Blazeman, as well as our other errant Infernoble, Infernoble Knight Roland. Roland has 2 main uses, being sent to the graveyard in order to search an Equip Spell, such as Favorite Hero, Premature Burial, or the aforementioned Durendal, though Roland can also search Blazeman himself. This is especially useful since Roland can be sent to the graveyard as Fusion Material for Neos Fusion. The other use of Roland is as a battle trick, the 500ATK it grants to any monster can make the difference. It also enables the effect of Destiny Hero - Dystopia to destroy a card on the field. Heritage of the Chalice just acts as a searcher for the engine

The Vyon Combo:
While Stratos and Blazeman are solid openers as well, Vision Hero Vyon is your strongest. The combo is this: Normal Summon Vyon and use his effect to send Shadow Mist. Shadow Mist's effect can search any HERO. The HERO you search is situational, but to continue the combo you will need a non-DARK HERO in hand. You then use Vyon's second effect to add Polymerization, and use it to fuse Elemental HERO Sunrise. From here, your options of what to do with your Miracle Fusion are varied, you can use it on the same turn for big damage, or hold it for a tempo swing.

Possible Deck Modifications:

I'm not a perfect deck builder, and a few things with this list are fairly subjective. You may have noticed that the only Attribute wheel HERO I have opted to run is Elemental HERO The Shining, for it's banish recursion. Running other Attribute wheel HEROes gives you more options for what to do with your Miracle Fusion. Additionally, This deck's points, while not bad, are spent on very "anime" cards. In building this deck, I wanted to replicate the comeback potential of Jaden, So I gave it Pot of Greed, Change of Heart, and Monster Reborn. Trinity's point system allows for many different powerful options in these card slots, so be sure to check them out! And finally, in an attempt to keep this list legal for as long as possible, it does not include staples that are either situational to the current metagame, or have potential to move on the banlist. For maximum effectiveness, it would be good to include current cards in the deck.

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